In my films I use the camera to create a timeless, yet interconnected space to create a unique reality that unsettles subconscious emotions and thought. I also incorporate a punctum, or piercing incidental element, in each individual filmic frame that reveals itself after a careful study of the chosen locations. When I film I do not set out with a preconceived notion of a particular subject, but rather engage in an in-depth exploration of the elements within it.

My work is experimental in nature with a focus on the struggle between the human and natural worlds and the collective fear and anxieties of uncertainty it engenders. The work also brings into question what lies beyond the recognizable. I work with multiple mediums ranging from various film stocks and re-editing archival prints to crafting hand-drawn animations and contemporary digital filming to create a sense of transition and to explore the limits of temporality. Through the use of mixed formats in conjunction with layered soundscapes, I nudge the viewer to shift their perception of reality and enter the heterotopic-like space I have created.