8mm/16mm B&W Print and VHS Archival Footage Mixed Medium Experimental Short / 01:07 min / 2018

A certain kind of uncanny stillness may envelop you; there is no escape and no possibility of retreat. All that is normal is now hyper-real and enhanced; emotions are heightened. In my short experimental film Afgangur (with the English translation being ‘Surplus’), I attempted to capture the moment between our present reality and a dreamscape. Through a collection of archival 16mm film prints and VHS home video recordings from the Prelinger Archives, I tried to emphasize what one may feel between their conscious and unconscious states of understanding a particular scenario. Because in the end, what is a nightmare but simply a recreation of our own warped realities?

Screening and Selections:

Johns Hopkins University – Maryland Institute College of Art Student Film Festival, Parkway Theater, Baltimore, Maryland USA, 2019. Part of the Festival Selection.