Industrial Carcass (In Progress)

Super 8mm + 16mm Film Print, Digital, Archival/Found Footage Film B&W and Color Sensory Ethnographic Experimental Documentary + Sound Installation / 2022 – Current, In Progress

The inspiration for this sensory film and sonic short, which is still in progress, was taken in part by the work of Hito Steyerl, who asks us to “imagine without compromise or fear,” and Walter Benjamin, who makes the distinction between “truth” and the acquisition of knowledge. My intention for Industrial Carcass is to explore both the conflicts within and between humans as well as the potentially disastrous effect of human error and hubris in their endeavor to uncover the mysteries of the natural realm. The primary subject matter of the work will encompass elements of the inception of NASA’s space programs (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and most recently Artemis) as well as the catastrophic disasters that occurred as part of the Space Shuttle program.  The sound design includes original soundtrack combined with my own field recordings as well as archival sound recordings of various wavelengths from NASA’s archives. The sound design is meant to challenge the notion of sound in space and the perception of sound beyond the spectrum of human hearing but that can be visibly captured via analog and digital techniques.