Mireille Heidbreder is an experimental filmmaker and sound designer, focusing on mixed-media film works including digital, re-purposed archival film, Super 8mm and 16mm film print shorts as well as creates original sound pieces. She is most interested in experimental and documentary filmmaking with a particular focus on the exploration of human interaction with nature. Influenced by the philosophies of Gaston Bachelard and Michel Foucault, Mireille’s films also frequently contemplate the audio-visual poetic relationship of spaces and the temporality of the filmic medium.

Mireille has had her films selected and screened at various festivals both nationally and internationally and was awarded the Kathryn Stephens Virginia Filmmaker Award in 2019. She is currently an adjunct professor for both Virginia Commonwealth University (Departments of Photography + Film, Kinetic Imaging) and University of Richmond (Department of Art & Art History – Visual and Media Arts Practice), as well as works on sound design/audio mixing and post-production work for other filmmakers in addition to her own work. Mireille is originally from Wetzikon, Switzerland and received her MFA in Photography + Film from Virginia Commonwealth University and her BA in Film & Media Studies from Johns Hopkins University.

Contact: mireille.heidbreder@gmail.com