Digital B&W and Color Experimental Short / 02:43 min / 2018

The tension between nature and humanity is constantly omnipresent and envelops us; whether weed infested abandoned buildings or litter scattering dying flower beds. Regardless of the space, the natural and artificial world are constantly at odds with each other but always fluctuating without a clear future. In my short experimental film Ursprung (which is translated to ‘Origins’ in English deriving from the Middle High German and Swedish term frequently used by philosophers Martin Heidegger and Friedrich Nietzsche), I attempted to capture this sensation of the beyond and ever changing anxiety associated with a location originally grounded by man but overrun by nature.

Screenings and Selections:

New York Aphrodite Film Awards, New York City, New York USA, 2018. Semi-Finalist for Best Experimental Short.

Halfway There Film Festival, Towson, Maryland USA, 2018.