Digital B&W and Color Experimental Short / 06:08 min / 2019

Petrichor, n. The earthly smell of hot, dried earth after an early summer’s rainfall. French philosopher Gaston Bachelard attempted to convey the notion of the “instant of the intuition”; expressing the feeling of a particular and unique moment that cannot always be expressed in words but rather in a poetic combination of sound and image. Petrichor explores the analogy between the degradation of nature and the experience of helplessness as part of human consciousness. Heavily inspired by experimental documentaries and ethnographic films, I focused on combing images of locations and objects that have discarded and disregarded with the stories and memories of incarcerated women. The sound design, which incorporates not only the voices of the women but also archival voicemails and recordings, completes the impression of a removed and haunting filmic reality that encapsulates the notion of loss and hope.

Screenings and Selections:

Aquifer: The Florida Review (University of Central Florida), Orlando, Florida USA, 2019. Winner of the 2019 Meek Award for Best Short Film.

James River Short Film Showcase, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia USA, 2019. Winner of the 2019 Kathryn Stephens Virginia Filmmaker Award.