Morii (In Progress)

Digital, Super 8mm Print, Archival 8mm/16mm, and 4K B&W and Color Experimental Short (with possibility of multi-channel video installation) / 11:22 min / 2019 – 2020

This particular piece focuses on the struggle between the human and natural worlds that can engender deep seated fears and anxiety related to the uncertainty of the human condition. The film also begs the question of what lies beyond the recognizable. I chose the term Morii for the film because of its reference to the desire to capture a fleeting moment and to reminisce in an occurrence that may never repeat itself. My intent was to nudge the viewer to look beyond the immediate and obvious imagery and notice the fleeting incidental happenings in each frame that call up the memories of our conscious collective human experience. And yet, at the same time, my intent was also to show how recognizable elements of our human experience, when slightly altered through the use of mixed medium formats and layered soundscape can create a new heterotopic space that reflects our hidden collective subconscious.

Screenings and Selections:

NOFLASH Video Show, New Brunswick, New Jersey USA, 2020. Part of the Official Selection.