Super 8mm + 16mm Film Print, Digital, Archival/Found Footage Film B&W and Color Experimental Short / 8:12 min / 2021

NOX is a sensory experimental film in which I use a combination of archival and own film prints and digital footage to “re-imagine” moments in which a shift in the balance of the human/natural world has occurred. In it, a lone hill above a town is revealed to be an active volcano, a destructive tornado seemingly intentionally repeats its path through a neighborhood, and a hurricane forces its way over a mountain. A layered soundscape of my own creation stands as an individual “character”, heightening the disturbing, and transforming sensory experience. NOX challenges the conventions of audio-visual poetics and enhances the question of what is present within one’s perceivable reality, as well as suggests the possibility of imagined elements admits historical recounts.

Screenings and Selections:

G Biennale (G Underground Film Festival), Melbourne, Australia, 2021 (online screening).

Dumbo Film Festival (Semi-Finalist), Brooklyn, New York USA, 2021.

Virginia Commonwealth University MFA Thesis Exhibition, Richmond, Virginia USA, 2021 (film installation).