Elisir, Aves, & Saturatiorem: A Triptych

cover photo for elisir

Digital Experimental Short / 04:54 min / 2018

There are times that the nightmarish quality of anxiety can swallow you whole. The passage of time ebbs and flows as the consistent ticking of your life surrounds and gnaws at you. With the use of repetition and the depiction of the degradation of nature, I tried to encapsulate this tension and feeling of loss of control in a series of three interconnected short films: Elisir, Aves, and Saturatiorem. While filming and editing this project, I continually asked myself the question – what occurs when it all ends – and convey my response in a visual oppressive dream-like sequence.

Screenings and Selections:

South Texas Underground Film Festival, Corpus Christi, Texas USA, 2019.

Ffresh Student Media Awards (Cardiff Mini Film Festival), Bang Bean Bag Cinema, Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom, 2018. Awarded Best (Student) International Experimental Film, BAFTA Cymru Qualifying Festival.

20th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival, Midtown Cinema, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA, 2018 (solely Elisir).

Portland Unknown Film Festival (Portland Unknown Fingertips Exhibition), Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, Portland, Oregon USA, 2018.

Buskopolis Festival of Cinematic Oddities, Clifton 5 Theater, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania USA 2018 (solely Elisir).

Emergence: A Collection of Films, Austin Film Society Cinemas Theater, Austin, Texas USA, 2018.

Feel the Reel International Film Festival, Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom, 2018. Nominated as Best Experimental Finalist (solely Elisir).

Director’s Circle Festival of Shorts, Eerie, Pennsylvania USA, 2018.